Pokeweed! A small town with big fun. It’s the anywhere and everywhere town on  the map, but just south of nowhere. Living in Pokeweed anything can happen, but always with loads of fun.  A simple life poke’n at ya  from Drew Pocza.© 2010.

Originally Pokeweed was a comic strip called PhilaBuster, about a boy and his snowman that I used to draw 10 years ago. I used to post new strips weekly on Mondays. I used to love drawing the strip by hand and getting all messy with the inks. There was a really great sense of accomplishment with drawing and inking those strips. But at some point, I dropped it. I think it was the move from CA to VA and just never picked it up again. PhilaBuster was basically the sides of “me”. The fun optimistic side, Phil filled that was always dealt a heavy blow from the grumpy side, Buster. I wish I had kept the strip going and I would be proud to have 10 years worth of strips. But oh well.

So once I picked up illustration skills and work on the computer, I noticed I could make all kinds of great changes on the fly. And I would be able to reproduce art like mad. Sadly, no inky fingers.  I try not to copy and paste too much. If I wanted the same thing over and over I would use clip art. Working on a Cintiq, I work all digitally. Starting from sketch to finish, not trees were harmed in the making of the new strip. Don’t get me wrong, I MISS paper.