Poor Chuck. Guess he needs help physically and mentally.

I am VERY excited about todays strip. This is the 100th strip. Counting the color ones, there are 104, but I am talking daily bw strips. And in the big picture, 100 isn’t too much. But this is my first real mile stone. I am beyond excited about the strip and hope others are as well. So, in celebration of 100, I got the only .com I could for the strip. Sadly, some wanker has pokeweed.com, so I secured pokeweedcomics.com. But I am glad. While it is long, it is memorable. If you have this site bookmarked, you can still get the strip here but I would prefer you go to the new url.

My next goal is to reach 150 strip and make a collection book with all the strips and a few extras for the book only.

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