I have a few little mantras I like. One of them is the old saying “Be here, now”. It’s for when I wanna sound deep. lol. But I learned more about it in martial arts. But there is a lot to its simplicity. But I digress. You figure it out for you.

Where have I been and why no updates? Busy, depressed, busy and so on. Busy is good, but I hit a point where I was slammed with freelance. If I wasn’t actually working, I was drumming up more work. And when that is slow, I get the funk. Not Da Funk. But serious funk. And recently, with work picking up, I also was trying to set a positive mind frame up. My goal for Pokeweed and art licensing is to stay focused on them, even if … when I run into another slow time. As I’m committing to two strips a week, a mother load of projects came in. Large in few different ways. Creatively, work wise, and budget. Who ever said money can’t buy happiness was right. But it sure can help. And I find that when I have lots of projects going, the creativity is flowing.

I tried to make a buffer of a few weeks. Didn’t happen. I got enough done to do two strips ahead and I will be posting from now on, Monday and Friday. The plan is to rotate writing/drawing in between projects while I wait for approvals etc. I could sit around and keep trying to build that buffer, but the gap with no updates would grow as well. And if I keep talking about to friends, I’ll never actually do it. It’s much easier to talk and come up with excuses than it is to do the work.

If you enjoy Pokeweed, would you let me know? And let others know about the strip? Greatly appreciated.