I started doing yoga back in January to try and help some pain. I didn’t realize I has sciatica. And that would explain why I felt like somebody was putting a shiv in me when kicking in TKD. But working with my veeeery kind instructor, we pretty musc self diagnosed it. Who needs a regular doctor all the time? As awkward as I am in yoga class, it’s very helpful for my back and has really helped with the sciatic nerve issues. I have a few personal fears with yoga. One is FARTING. It’s a small class, and some of the poses kinda have a way of “moving” the body. There is one pose we jokingly call the fart machine. lol. I have yet to have it work on me, but I think it’s a matter of time. FACT: I have been farted on while doing partner stretches… as much as I wanted to die laughing, I was a big boy and kept my┬ácomposure.