My son used to always feel like he needed to be entertained. I would be very content just relaxing, being bored. It would drive him insane. And I would always try to tell him to just do something. But I am finding that today, with web, movies, tv and blah, blah, blah, there is that certain entertainment problem. So I try to convey, with Phil, the idea of being happy in the moment. Content with what we have. It my be a book, or for my son, fishing. THis time of year is great with all the leaves falling. I love to just rake em up. Granted, I hate picking them up, but just the little moments where I can think. ANd not be told what to think by a video game or tv.

I have some reallllly fun stuff planned for the Bellingham Comic Con! Little desk top mini figures. AND, I am making bottle cap pins! Check here for more details! And again, a HUGE thank you to those who helped me get to the con with this cool stuff. All hand made with TLC!

T-shirt are coming, go to cast your vote over here!