Same ol’ same old. I have a good problem to have. Busy with freelance illustration and now some layout stuff. So enough of the whiny “I miss comics” posts. I’m just gonna add Pokeweed in the mix. I need it to help keep my creative juices going for the paying work. This is labor of love. Even if  I have lost readers due to lack of comics, I personally need to keep working on this little project. I’m close to 400 strips and want to see that happen! For those of you who have stuck it out with me and my lack of comics, thank you! So be prepared, funny or not, I gotta crank out the comics!

I’m doing lots of production work for animated promos for Microsoft, internal design for Farmers and various other projects. But time management is key and thats what I’m trying to implement. Another personal project I’m working on is called Drawn By Faith. A series of illustrations of Biblical proportions! It’s royalty free stock illustration for church/ministries or homeschool. Presenting the Bible in a fun new way. You can order the stock illustration on ETSY now. If you would, please pass it on!