So while working on the strip late nights, I have been also working on a igoogle theme for Pokeweed. When it is all done and live, I will post it. Keep in mind, I feel dirty for doing it. Just started using Chrome and wow. It is solid. I miss Safari and hope it doesn’t notice I have been cheating. But hey, it could be worse, I could be on Explorer. And here is the kicker, and I am NOT jaded about this as I did not want to move to CA. I love my rain and clouds here in the PNW! I got as far as a phone interview with one of the designers at google for an art gig working on those cool little illustrations on the search page. Again, not bent or jaded at the All that aside, I like Chrome LOTS. (even with sinister google eyes watching and recording everything.) But I am going to “hold out” ┬áin hopes the iphone does come to Verizon and I don’t have to go droid.

SCORE! As I write this, Sisters of Mercy came on the radio. NICE.