The flies crack me up. And sadly, this is the mantra of many people.

I’m sooooo happy to be on summer schedule. This may be the thing I need to change it up a bit. I love staying up late, but need to get my kid up for school, so I force myself to crash. I have heard interesting theories on being more productive including getting up at 5am and working before the crazy day starts. I struggle with random acts of depression and getting up early feels like the wort thing I could imagine. My bed is my happy place, so why leave? lol. It isn’t till I get a LOT of coffee going that I feel like I can take on the day. By late night I’m at my best. BUT, Ben Franklin was a pretty sharp gu, and he started out early! I know a few creatives that have put this into practice and they are nailing it. So, I may try. Baby steps, maybe 7 to