Yes, the last day of freedom. But I am kind of excited to get back to a normal routine. Working from home, I need structure. The summer days I tend to tweek a bit to fit the fishing lifestyle of my son.

Anyway, as mention before, THIS MONTH is Jet City Comic Show!!! At table AA50 I will have a a few hand “redrawn” strips for sale. Since the strip is digital, I have no hard copies to sell. So if you are going to be there, let me know if you would like a particular strip. I will have the last of the printed books for sale as well. BUT, you can get your digital versions on my site, OR at Indie Planet!

Also I have a lot of illustration work going on, and some really fun stuff also. This illustration of the moment Jesus is arrested is for Salinas Sluggers Studios and will be available through them only as a canvas print. Hope you enjoy!