As much as I like my dogs, I still don’t like going to dog park. The pretending to think other dogs are as cute as mine reallllllly gets old. I am glad they have poop bags around though. One time, I had to go get a bag as our new dog dropped a stinky one and we were out of bags. But I had to walk forever to get one. Usually they are near. But this time, my wife just gave up her post watching the poop spot. Everyone who was around already left so nobody knew why she was just standing around. Dog park etiquette.

Thanks to Bug Pudding for the constant encouragement to making comics! And Kev for being a good Mayor Of Pokeweed as well! I’m also considering a Patreon or Kickstarter for Pokeweed to help alleviate stress of funds. I’m a freelance design/illustrator and need to always be hustling new work. This could help me make time for comics!