I’m a firm believer in the study that dogs, pets in general are a great resource to alleviate stress. When I’m working on a deadline, I find if very beneficial to take a few minutes and throw the ball with my dog. He demands it as well. He looks like Clint actually, minus the ascot. But the little nut is so funny and for a little guy, he sure can jump!

Work has me going full steam ahead for the next several months. I’m very excited to be working on a lot of videos for Microsoft. You can check some of the work here and here. With about 16 more to come.

If you value freedom on the internet, please, PLEASE contact your local powers that be and ask them NOT to support CISPA! If it passes, it will be like China and North Korea up in here.

And if CISPA isn’t enough, the Online TAX crap will be the nail in the coffin.


I keep blabbing about this on twitter and facebook and in person. Some people say it’s useless to try. All I can say, is at least I tried.