One of my least favorite places is “dog park”. We have a HUGE one near us. But I have been to many. They are all the same. All those dog people drive me insane.  Rule #1 at any given dog park, NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT. This is to/for the owners. They are going insane wanting you to talk to them about their dogs, so I purpose to not look at them. But I can see out of the corner they are hoping to spark up something about what they think are their kids.  I try hard to put out the ” I don’t give a rip about  what kind of dog you have ” vibe. Tends to work out for me. Now, I can stay strong unless there is a pug. Too cute.

So, with that in mind, I have always hated having everyone watching the dogs crap and piss everywhere. And don’t get me started  on the jerks who don’t pick up after them!