This week is one that reminds me I’m glad I don’t still live back East. Brrrrrr. I miss a really good snow storm, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I love remembering  my childhood, building massive snow forts and taking my Star Wars figures to Hoth! But after living in SoCal and now the Seattle area, I have become a weather namby pamby. I don’t know how I would survive. lol. I do still love the magic of a “snow day” when school is canceled. Even the night before when people are getting all freaked out about the 1-2″ we may get. Snow is magic.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure what to think about the global warming… er climate change.. debate. I do think it is good to err on the safe side but doing what we can. Start with simple things, like recycling, turning off lights and things that aren’t being used, wear a sweat shirt etc. Thats all stuff each person can do. But if Hollywood has taught me anything, global warming will bring the freeze! I saw  The Day After Tomorrow! And if the present administration has taught me anything about politics…. blame Bush!

Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I’m not a fan of either political parties. It’s fun sitting in the middle and watching political tennis. But more exciting than tennis.