I can’t say I’m a Mumford and Sons fan, but I do find them good in small doses. But I do love purposefully using wrong words in songs. I can’t hear Little Lion Man any other way. I had a request for more ¬†Hello Piggy strips, so who am I do deny?

You may have noticed a new page on the site. I am running a month long campaign called Pokeweed-A-Thon. I grew up watching PBS and old Dr. Who shows that would be interrupted with the telethons. So when you read the page, imagine me with a long thin microphone and an awesome tux!

I have noticed a change in the art and I’m liking it. Thicker, more expressive lines. Looking back at the older strips I started out with thick line work, then went through a period of thin wispy lines, and gradually combined the thick with wispy line work. I am much happier.