I have a guilty pleasure. Conspiracy theories. It all started with Big foot. Then I moved on to aliens and bam, secret society. There are lots, and LOTS of crazy people out there. And I have fun reading this stuff. Watching videos and whatnot. It reallllly makes some of my friends mad upset with me. They tend to be the liberal sorts, but hey, I don’t trust many politicians. Okay, Ron Paul my fav. But RIght or Left, it’s all crazy. I need to wear my tinfoil hat, but now I hear tinfoil is actually a better antenna! Who knew?

But one thing I do find very exciting is the ability to stream live events just on our phones. What an amazing use of techonolgy. I have been watching a few broadcasts from Chantilly, VA for the Bilderberg meeting going on this weekend. Mainstream media isn’t there, but the grass roots protesters bring it live. Thats why the gov wants SOPA/PIPA and other provisions to prohibit free speech. OH DAG! There I go again with conspiracy theory. ( told you it was fun).