I will have to come clean and admit, I love the Karate kid movies. I have always liked em well enough, but they have that “inspiring” power to them. Even the new one.. kinda.

LOTS going on. Book production is still under way. Got the proof back form the printer and i see changes need to be made. not to sound like a jerk, but wow, I really like how well it is coming together. It looks sharp. So to say I am excited is putting it lightly.

Emerald City Comic Con is coming UP. In like 3 weeks. DAAAAng. So if you live inĀ theĀ Seattle area, come on over. And hey, if you are so inclined, any “help” to get me there looking good is appreciated! I put all my coin in book production, but am looking at making my table snazzy. So if you can spare some change to help a starving artists out, YOU’RE THE BEST.