Leave it to Clint to find the odd angle to this. Now, having a nap buddy is important. I work at home and sometimes need to get away form my computer. And I don’t sleep to well at night, so I will often take a nap. My cat is insane for napping! He cuddles between my left arm and ribs. For a while he would actually whine till I took a nap with him. He is way too funny. And really, the coolest cat. ¬†And so, Stewie is my non spooning nap buddy.

This strip was intended for Friday, but I had a huge problem and got locked out of my wordpress account, so I was not able to load a new strip. But thanks to he very hard work of Eric Merced, it is back and loaded. He is a very talented illustrator and now can add tech support to his skillz.

Strip number 101 ¬†starts the journey to 150 and when I will be putting together a compilation of the strips with bonus material. And hey, don’t forget to come over and “LIKE” Pokeweed at Facebook!