It sure has been a while since I did a strip. ¬†As you may know, I’m a freelance illustrator. I have to take the work that comes in and I had a great last few months. Several projects came my way from Oct-Dec, and wow, that’s unheard of in the creative market. Something had to give way, and sadly it was the comic. This strip was the first in a stock pile. But I’m blowing it now by posting it. I hate being away from the comic scene but still need to develop a stock pile of work. My goal is to get at least a week ahead. In the past, I would make the strip the night before or the day of the post. But obviously that wasn’t a good plan. So I hope you stick with me wile I make a soft relaunch of Pokeweed!

I would like to push the strip more and with your help, I can. Pass it on, tell people about the strip if you can. To everyone who has been very supportive all along, THANK YOU. And welcome to the new readers.