For those of you wondering, yes, the couch is from Ikea.

Word on the internet is I got a nice little nod from a faculty member at SCAD. That is a highly respected college for the arts. Nothing major was said, but it is for me, kinda cool as I really wanted to go to SCAD when I was in high school. But looking at their caliber of work, I never even tried. I could doodle, and still do as you can see. Was never really a “artist”. So anyway, 20 yrs later, to hear somebody there likes my work, Hooray for academia!

I am learning the hard way, that comics is MORE than drawing silly pics. The hardest part, and what I realize now, that it is 80% writing. I used to think it was all art. But to make it engaging ya gotta have words. So, I hope you will see story growth as the strip goes.